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Everest Acknowledgments
Acknowledgments - Home

The following are some of the organizations and sponsors that helped make this trip possible. Without them, Everest Dream would have been just that... a dream. They are listed with the amount that they donated and the links to their web sites(s).

Major Sponsors:
Casual Adventure.com
Primus Telecommunications Inc.

I would like to extend my thanks to:

John Franzeece for initial web design and development in its early stages and getting things off the ground.

Brenda Ruby for all the Graphics art work for the Everest Dream Logo, Everest Dream Brochure, Art Image Galleries Invitation Design and Fariba Amini's fund raising party invitation design.

Taghi Mokhtar the Chief Editor and Director of the Iranians of Washington Magazine for coverage and announcement of the Everest Dream expedition and its goals.

Ali Sarshar the sports editor of the Iranians of Washington magazine for his constant financial and moral support and active fund raising for the expedition. Ali Sarshar is one of the key players of the success of the fund raising for the expedition.

Mohammad Yousef for arrangement and support of the first fund raising / slide show in Virginia where 200 guests attended the party and announced their support for the expedition.

Shirin Zarin Kelky the director of Art Image Galleries for arrangement of a fund raising party and publicity for the Everest Dream.

Fariba Amini for arrangement of a fund raising party in her house and providing her unconditional care and support for the cause.

Scott Beason for his enthusiastic support and redesign of the Everest Dream web site and bringing it up to the new standards.

Saeed Toossi

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