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Sponsorship for Everest
Sponsorship - Home

Why Sponsorship?

The climb of Mt. Everest, which stands 29,035' above sea level, is a 60 to 75 journey. It takes a tremendous amount of logistics which includes:

  • Climbing license from Nepal's government
  • Sherpas and porters to carry loads to the base camp
  • Hundreds of feet of ropes, technical ice climbing equipment, tents, etc.
  • Bottled oxygen for above 26,000' and summit attempts
  • Food and cooking staff for the duration of the climb
Because of the high cost ($50,000 - $60,000 per person) of climbing Mt. Everest, usually governments of different countries sponsor the cost of the climb. Or large corporations volunteer to sponsor the climb for advertising their products and gain visibility for their company. Another way of covering the cost is individual sponsorship for a common agreeable cause which in this case you may refer to the statement of the intent in the home page of this site.

To participate in support of this cause, you may choose one of the following:

  • Direct financial sponsorship at any level that you may choose.
  • Gear & Equipment sponsorship that you may choose from the gear list. In this case, choose the gear that you want to sponsor and send an e-mail to saeed@everestdream.com.
  • Choose to sponsor a flight ticket by using your extra frequent flyer miles -- 80,000 miles needed -- or make your travel agency the official sponsor of the expedition.
  • Or, you may purchase your books, CD's, or any other item form Amazon.com through everestdream.com site and Amazon.com will contribute a certain percentage of the purchase towards the Everest Dream expedition.
Thank you very much for your support. Please address any questions that you may have to saeed@everestdream.com.

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