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Saeed's Previous Experience
Experience - Home

As an experienced high altitude climber and mountain trekker, Saeed Toossi has many documented climbs under his harness.

To see a complete list of all Saeed's accomplishments, see the summary sheet... To get pictures of each climb, either click on the Mountain Name or click here for more pictures.

Various Climbs, 13,000' - 17,600'
During the last three years, Saeed has conducted training treks up Mt. Whitney, CA. and the Grand Tetons, WY. He has made treks in Nepal to the Everest Base Camp and Denali National Park, AK in 1998.

February 1996
Mt. Aconcagua, 22,838'
In February of 1996 I headed down to South America to join a team of 10 climbers -- 6 men, 4 women -- to climb the highest peak in Western hemisphere. Mt Aconcagua stands 22,831' above sea level and she is known for her "white" winds. This climb was organized by Alpine Ascent International and was guided by Willie Prettie. Six out of ten climbers reached the summit. I was honored to have been the first Iranian who had climbed that mountain. To celebrate that honor Willie's wife who is a graphic artist designed a flag for me to hold on the summit. Our team of six reached the summit on February 17th 1996 at 3:15 PM. In summer of 1996 I returned to my homeland after thirteen years. I stayed two full months in Iran during which I climbed four highest summits in Iran with my long lost friends and my older brother who planted the first seeds of love for mountains.

July 1996
Dena, 14,355'

July 1996
Damavand, 19,000'
Stands 19,000' feet (5,771 meters) above sea level located in the Northern part of Tehran. This climb was done under perfect weather condition. Nine out of eleven climbers reached the summit in excellent condition and smiling! We reached the summit via west ridge of the mountain on which two years ago a shelter was built with cooperation and full funding of mountain lovers. This shelter is called Si-Morgh which means Thirty Birds that refers to one of the oldest stories in ancient Iran.

August 1996
Alam Kooh, 15,840'

August, 1996
Sabalan, 16,005'
Stands 16,000 feet (4,850 meters) above sea level. It is located in the North East of Iran.

September, 1996
Mount Blanc, 15,771

September 1995
Northern Cascades, 5,000'-13,500'
Went to an eight day ice climbing school with Alpine Ascent International. In this eight day ice climbing class four of us circled to the north side of Mt. Baker and explored different techniques of glacier travel as well as crevasse rescue methods. Our team of three -- leaving one member behind in our base camp -- reached 500' bellow the summit of Mt. Baker before we were forced to turn around because of the stormy weather that haunted us for the next two days while climbing down on the steep snow and icy terrain of the north side of the mountain. The beauty of this region was beyond imagination. This training exercise was my preparation for the climb of Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina.

July 1994
Mount Rainier, 14,410'
Guided a team of four to the summit of Mt. Rainier via camp Muir. This was my first climb in the USA.

Less than 5,000' Completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Master of Science degree Industrial Engineering and began working in the related industry. During these difficult ten years my focus was mainly education and work to finance my education. My outdoor activities did not go beyond leisurely weekend hikes and indoor gym exercises.

No Climbs
Left Iran on September 1st 1982 and arrived in the United States on November 22nd 1982 and enrolled college in January of 1983 to start my life from ground zero and continue my education.

Up to 15,000'
Started college at Shiraz University as a Sociology major student. The colleges were closed down due to "Cultural Revolution" and I returned to my hometown. For the next two years guided trekking teams in the Alborz range. These treks required crossing over 15,000' passes to the mountains by the Caspian sea.

Damavand Peak, 19,000'
Climbed Damvand peak a 19,000 feet peak from the North East ridge. Traveled many treks from Central Alborz to Northern Alborz in Iran.

Damavand, 19,000'

Various Climbs, 12,000'+D
Climbed more than 15 peaks above 12000' in Iran at least three times. Climbed 4 peaks above 14000' more than two times listed below: Alam Kooh (North of Iran) Kuloon Bastak (North of Tehran)Khole-no (North of Iran) Azad Kooh (North of Iran)

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