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Dispatches from Everest
Dispatches - Home

Saeed Toossi Throughout the entire trip, Saeed will send dispatches to his web site team. They will in turn, post them on the web after they get them. The most recent dispatch will be at the top. Simply click on the title of the dispatch and it will open a new window. All the current month's dispatches will be posted on this page. An archive page will be added when needed. If you have any questions, please direct them to Saeed's Expedition e-mail or Saeed's Web Team during the expedition. Thanks and enjoy!

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Last Update before Summit Attempt - NEW!
Monday, May 15, 2000
Base Camp, Mt. Everest, Nepal
"Yesterday, Hugo stopped by my tent and suggested that he is trying to pull several teams together to head up the mountain in an organized manner to face the technical work involved on the South East Ridge..."

Long day in Dingboche - NEW!
Wednesday, May 10, 2000
Dingboche, Nepal
"This morning the sun had a short life at Dingboche and it started to rain at about 10:30. This rounded up everyone at the lodge with a book to read in their hand..."

R&R at Dingboche
Tuesday, May 9, 2000
Dingboche, Nepal
"This morning the sun shining through the window of my room prompted the wake up at 7:00 am. My room's window opens directly to a great view of the North East ridge of Ama Dablam..."

Trek to Dingboche
Monday, May 8, 2000
Dingboche, Nepal
"Today we left the icy high lands of the Base Camp for lower elevations in search of green pastures in the low lands of Dingboche to rest and revive our body for the upcoming final push to the summit..."

Preparation for trek to Dingboche
Sunday, May 7, 2000
Base Camp, Mt. Everest, Nepal
"After breakfast and taking care of some coordination with Sherpas I went for a visit at Babu Jiri's camp. Babu Jiri is a very well accomplished climber who spent 21 hours on top of Sagarmatha in May of 1999..."

Resting comfortably at BC
Saturday, May 6, 2000
Base Camp, Mt. Everest, Nepal
"The Base Camp woke up to a nice, bright sunshine after the heavy snow of yesterday. After breakfast I walked over to the Russian doctor's camp to get my last blood test results..."

Heavy snow all over the mountain
Friday, May 5, 2000
Base Camp, Mt. Everest, Nepal
"It was a different feeling at Base Camp when I woke up this morning. All the preparation for the summit push had been completed! Camp IV was stashed with some 30 bottles of oxygen, tent, food, etc..."

Trek back to Base Camp
Thursday, May 4, 2000
Base Camp, Mt. Everest, Nepal
"Although it was windy the sun was a moral booster and I figured that I have a good part of the day to make it to Base Camp and I was going to make it a point to do some video taping and phtography on the way down..."

Bad Conditions up high
Wednesday, May 3, 2000
Camp II, Mt. Everest, Nepal
"Last night by far was worse than the night before! The clouds had moved over the Lhotse face at the end of yesterday and what I had thought that was snow blowing around was real snow fall on the face..."

Long night at Camp III
Tuesday, May 2, 2000
Camp III, Mt. Everest, Nepal
"The tent at Camp III was far less than comfortable! One side of the tent completely opens to the Lhotse Face and the other side opens to a small area that is shared by two other tents. The floor which is on chopped ice of the face makes every effort to make sleeping impossible..."

Getting closer to the summit
Monday, May 1, 2000
Camp III, Mt. Everest, Nepal
"Today we had to make a decision, either go down to the BC or go up to Camp III. Waiting idle at Camp II was not a good idea. We were up early and ready and finally made a decision despite the wind to make an attempt to Camp III..."

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